LA Noire – How to Interrogate a Suspect


In LA Noire, interrogation is an integral part of the game. Players must ask questions to a suspect and decide whether to accept the answers as true or doubt them. They can also accuse the suspect of lying, but they must also provide evidence to prove their point. Once they have made their choice, the player cannot change it later.

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LA Noire is a detective game where you take on the role of Cole Phelps, a police detective who investigates various crimes and ends up getting swept up in a city-wide conspiracy. One major component of the game is interrogation, and players can figure out whether or not their subjects are telling the truth with the help of facial animation technology. The original game offered three interrogation options, “Coax, Force, and Lie.”

The way interrogations are conducted in LA Noire is different from other detective games. For example, the game makes use of MotionScan technology, which enables the game to capture the facial expressions of the actors. This allows the developers to make the game look more realistic. Moreover, LA Noire has a more restrained approach to gameplay. You can still engage in the traditional detective work of hunting down suspects, but the game rewards you for your thorough investigation.

When interrogating a suspect, it’s important to keep your eyes on the suspect’s face. If the suspect’s eyes are moving or avoiding eye contact, this is a sign that he or she is lying. If they are looking at you with a frown or smirk, it’s likely that they’re hiding something. Either way, you need to make sure you have evidence to back up your claim.

Despite these criticisms, L.A. Noire is an absolute classic in the detective genre. It’s a cult classic that has some genuinely bizarre detective stories. In fact, there are few detective games with proper detective stories. What makes this game even more enchanting is the fact that it has a replacement dialog system that makes interrogation an interesting guessing game.


Accuse la Noire is a detective simulation game where you have to interrogate a suspect. Each step of the interrogation process requires you to make a judgment call, which will affect your final decision. Ultimately, you will either have to believe the suspect’s story or accuse him or her of lying.

A good way to determine whether the suspect is lying is to keep eye contact. People who avoid eye contact may be lying, hiding something, or feeling embarrassed. Others may maintain eye contact for a while but then smirk when they look at you. While this might seem like a red flag, remember that it is not an excuse to doubt their story.

While interviewing suspects, remember that you must collect evidence to corroborate their stories. Without evidence, the suspect cannot be interrogated. Make sure to find bloody clothes, a murder weapon, or other evidence to support the allegations. You can use Intuition Points to make the interrogation process easier, but saving them for later on can benefit you later on.

LA Noire has new interrogation options. In the past, you had three options to use to decide if a subject is telling the truth. The game has facial animation technology that allows you to tell if a suspect is lying by their facial expressions. Originally, these options were referred to as Coax, Force, and Lie.


In L.A. Noire, newspapers are one of the most important sources of information. You can find various information about different crimes and events in the city of Los Angeles, and reading them can help you uncover the truth. There are thirteen newspapers in the game, and finding them all is vital to achieving 100 percent completion. However, you can only access newspapers during the regular storyline cases – you won’t find them in free roam or bonus content, so it’s imperative to find all of them.

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The interrogation system in LA Noire has always been a point of contention. Rockstar changed the dialogue options to allow you to choose a different response for each suspect. You can either choose the good cop, bad cop, accuse, or suspect response, and each choice has different consequences. If you choose the wrong answer, you’ll fail.

It is essential to gather evidence before you begin questioning suspects. This means combing through the crime scene to find clues and make eye contact. In addition, it’s important to take each interrogation in order. When possible, travel to the potential witness first. You can also change weapons during the more challenging segments.

L.A. Noire has plenty of missions to complete, and the storyline will keep you hooked. There are also plenty of sidequests to complete, and over thirty hours of game content! In addition to tackling cases and capturing suspects, you’ll also be able to solve puzzles.

Unlike many rock* games, LA Noire offers a more realistic storyline. The game’s open-world design is initially open, but becomes linear once you’ve taken on a case. The characters and situations are very realistic, and the game’s controls feel completely natural.

The game also has a deep theme of corruption. Making your higher-ups happy isn’t always the best way to go about your job. You need to hold them accountable for the orders you give. This is a good lesson to remember in life. When you’re working with corrupt people, you need to be able to hold them accountable.

If you have a good understanding of how detective games work, L.A. Noire may be for you. Although some of its systems are flawed, its story and setting are worth playing. It’s available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game requires patience and perseverance.


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