How to Play Multiplayer on Kinect Sports Rivals


In Kinect Sports Rivals, you can play different sports against other people in the game. The game features several sports to choose from including Bowling, Tennis, and Tower Climbing. There are many challenges and rewards that you can achieve as you progress through the game. You will be rewarded for your progress as you earn fans, level up your characters, and earn fame.

Character creation system

Kinect Sports Rivals has a cool character creation system that lets you customize your characters. It works by scanning your face and body to determine the character you want to be. When you boot up the game, the first thing you’ll see is the character creator. If you don’t want to make use of the system, you can also edit your character in more traditional ways.

This game lets you create your own champion to compete in sporting events. These champions will compete at the same skill level as you. To create your own champion, you scan your face with Kinect. The Kinect then creates a character based on your face, which may not resemble you.

Kinect Sports Rivals uses the new Kinect motion sensor, which allows the game to read your movements better than its predecessor. The game itself is a collection of six minigames. Some of these minigames are enjoyable, such as wake racing and rock climbing. There’s also a soccer minigame that is a ridiculous approximation of the real game.

The character creation system is a great way to customize your avatar. The process is easy to use and you can customize your avatars with the kinect’s help. You can also spend your currency on enhancing your character’s abilities. The character creation system in Kinect sports rivals is fantastic!

Earning fans

Kinect Sports Rivals has a social hub that allows you to connect with your friends and compete for exclusive prizes. Once you’ve earned fans, you can compete with other players to advance through the Leagues and unlock exclusive prizes. The social hub is designed to keep you engaged, but there are still some issues with the controls and a lack of content.

There are six different sports available in Kinect Sports Rivals. To begin, the Coach will introduce each sport and demonstrate its play, and you’ll need to prove your skill to move on. Once you’ve mastered a sport, you’ll be able to unlock rewards and become a hero.

Earning fans on Kinect Sports Rivals is a great way to gain extra cash to buy additional outfits for your champion. Rare Intelligent, the developers of Kinect Sports Rivals, have revealed plans to add more outfits and DLC to the game. The game’s cloud feature allows you to compete online no matter where you are.

You can use the game’s menu gestures to play specific sports. For instance, if you want to play a race with a friend, you can make a suggestion to the Coach. If the event is closed, you can try pushing or pulling to make it open. However, sometimes this feature is not available right away. However, you can fix this by following the instructions given by your coach.

Online multiplayer

One of the best features of Kinect Sports Rivals is the ability to play with your friends online. You’ll find a hub on the Xbox Live service where you can view leaderboards, share photos of your character, and issue challenges to other players. In addition, you’ll be able to compete in multiple sports, level up your character, and unlock new rewards as you progress.

The world of Kinect Sports Rivals is charming and engaging, and the game features a progression of increasingly difficult events. There are Expert Unlocks to earn that can improve your performance, and a World Championship to compete in at Comic-Con in San Diego. The game also includes a Rivals League and six tiers of League play.

Kinect Sports Rivals features bright graphics and fluid animation. The gameplay isn’t as complex as Fighter Within, but the overall experience is satisfying and challenging. While it suffers from a few annoyances, Kinect Sports Rivals is a worthy addition to the Xbox One library.

Once you’ve completed the first chapter, you can start playing against your friends and family members. After all, no game is complete without a friendly competition. Whether you play against your friends or family, you’ll want to make sure that you’re the best. The game can be frustrating at times, and you’ll want to know you’re winning.


As the first game to feature Kinect motion tracking, Kinect Sports Rivals is a bit disappointing. The game offers a small set of activities to play and is likely to become repetitive. Rare is unlikely to add many new sports to the game via downloadable content packs.

Graphics are good, but it’s difficult to tell what to expect from the game. The game’s central hub is easy to navigate and the menus are organized well. Kinect is also useful outside of the game, which is a big plus. You’ll have to use a larger room for full-body sports, but the in-game graphics are good. The animations during wake racing are particularly impressive.

While Kinect Sports Rivals is a good game, it won’t turn the Kinect into a true gaming platform. That said, it is still the most realistic motion-controlled game on the Xbox One. I found the bowling and soccer games to be a bit too complicated, while the jet ski racing felt very real.

Multiplayer is an important aspect of Kinect Sports Rivals. With Xbox Live support, you can challenge your friends online and find a match. This way, you can play with people all over the world. Kinect Sports Rivals also has a great deal of social interaction. You can share pictures of your character with friends and check out leaderboards. You can even send challenges to other players.

Aside from the great sports experience, Kinect Sports Rivals offers an all-new storyline and setting. You can choose from six different sports and battle against other players from the same team or challenge others. The game features three factions: the Eagle Legion, Wolf Clan, and Viper Network. Each faction has its own personality and unique skills.


One of the most important aspects of any Kinect sports game is its sound, and Kinect Sports Rivals does not disappoint. The soundtrack features licensed songs by Calvin Harris, Avicii, and Youngblood Hawke. Despite the game’s many sounds, it never becomes boring or annoying. The sound is a good match for the asynchronous character animation and voice acting.

The Kinect motion-control system has been a little underused on the Xbox One platform, but Kinect Sports Rivals shows off the capabilities of the improved sensor and gameplay. The game is a big improvement over its predecessors and includes a mix of returning and new sports.

Rare’s pedigree as a developer makes Kinect Sports Rivals a solid game, but it could have gone further by exploring niche activities and innovative uses of the technology. While it has a nice mythology surrounding an island filled with activities, the game’s activities are relatively limited. Rare is unlikely to add many more games and downloadable content packs in the near future. Additionally, the gameplay is very repetitive and never makes sense as to why moving is so much more fun than using a controller.


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