How to Mount a Monster in Monster Hunter World


There are a few different ways to mount a monster in Monster Hunter World. The first method involves successfully performing a number of jump attacks to get onto the monster. As you mount more monsters, your jump attack success rate increases. Once you have mounted a monster, simply run to the edge of a ledge and press R2. As you jump, you will notice that the monster will try to knock you off, so brace yourself by pressing R2 while using your L joystick to move.

Getting a monster into a rideable state

In Monster Hunter World, getting a monster into a rideable state is a vital part of the game. Getting a monster into this state means using special moves to deal damage. Mounting is much like a building in the game, but there are several different ways to do it. For instance, you can mount a wirebug by performing aerial attacks. When you hit a monster with a special mount move, the damage it deals is indicated in blue.

Once you mount a monster, you can use it to attack enemies or obstacles in the game. However, once you’ve mounted a monster, it becomes more difficult to ride again. Fortunately, you can use certain attacks to launch a monster into a wall or other object, which can cause it to fall into the ground.

One way to mount a monster is by using the Endemic Life item. This item can be found scattered around the map. Once you have enough Endemic Life, you can use it to mount a monster. If you don’t have this item, you can purchase the Puppet Spider. The Puppet Spider has an attack called Silkbind, which weakens enemies. You can also use a Wire Bug attack to weaken an enemy.

You can also use your mount to get materials or deal additional damage. This means that you can use it to move in any direction and deal additional damage. This ability also allows you to use the mount to do light attacks, evade attacks, and damage other monsters. However, you can’t mount the same monster twice.

The monster will need to be in the Mountable state before you can mount it. The best way to mount a monster is to attack it several times while it is close to you. Make sure to watch the Wyvern Riding Gauge because the more attacks you make, the more it will fill up. You can then mount a monster to deal massive damage to it, or use it to apply status effects.

Dealing massive damage

When mounting a monster, you can use a few different tactics. First, use the Clutch Claw to mount the monster. After that, make your way to its shoulder and initiate a Flinch Shot. Since you can’t mount the monster’s head, this is the best place to initiate this move.

You can also attack the monster while it is airborne. This will damage the area the mount is on, as well as stun the monster. You can also use this attack to initiate a mount. Just be sure to check the mount modifier before attempting this technique!

Once you have mounted the monster, you can use the weapon to deal massive damage. You can also make use of the barrel bomb to target a monster’s weak spot. This can cause the monster to collapse, allowing you to deal massive damage. You can also use tranq bombs to permanently kill a monster.

If you’re a ranged player, you can use the Bow to initiate a mounting attack. This will give you a higher vantage point and give you a big advantage over other players. You can also use Insect Glaive while mounting.

If you can complete the mount, it’s worth the effort. If you want to mount a monster, make sure you have a weapon that will kill it. A blade weapon will slice off its tail while a blunt weapon will knock it out. And once you’ve done this, the map will glow white.

Dealing massive damage while mounted is another great way to get a big advantage over your opponents. If you are able to land a blow on your target, you’ll be able to land multiple hit points, and it’s easy to get a lock-on, so it’s well worth the effort.

Every monster has a weak spot. Pay attention to the damage numbers, and make sure to target those areas. The weak spots are often hidden parts, so make sure to pay attention to those. It’s also important to use a weapon with no elemental property.

Avoiding getting thrown off

There are a few ways to avoid getting thrown off while mounting a monster in Monster Hunter World. First, always watch your stamina bar. If it starts to drop, you’ll get thrown off the monster. Another way to avoid getting thrown off is to brace yourself by holding the R2 or RT buttons. You can also use a grapple hook to get back on the monster.

Mounting a monster can be challenging, especially if it’s large and unable to move freely. It’s a good idea to set up a camp in a resource center if you can. You can find potions that will restore health. Honey can also be combined with a Potion to make a Mega Potion, which restores more health than normal. Also, remember that certain actions deplete stamina. You can keep stamina up by eating steaks or rations.

Taking a moment to look around is another great way to avoid being thrown off when mounting a monster. Most monsters have soft and tough parts, so you need to pay attention to which parts are vulnerable and use them to your advantage. This is especially useful when trying to take advantage of a monster’s Elemental Weaknesses. Another way to avoid being thrown off when mounting a monster is by striking it while it’s still in mid-air. Alternatively, you can grab the monster and knock it down.

Using the Mounted Punisher move

Mounted Punisher is a move that allows you to mount a monster. It can be used when your Riding Gauge is almost empty. When used, you will knock down an opponent’s monster and deal status effects. However, you will only be able to use the mount once per hunt. To use the mount, you must knock down a monster to fill its riding gauge.

Mounted Punisher can be used to mount a monster and deal massive damage to the enemy. It also allows you to regain your footing after the monster hits a wall. Once you mount a monster, you can launch it into the wall three times to cause massive damage.

You will need to have the mounted Punisher level to use this mount. This is a difficult move, so it’s best to practice it with a palico if you are not sure how to perform it properly. If you’re playing with a group, you can split up the tasks. You’ll want one person to be the lure and another to mount the monster. You’ll need to time this attack so it’s easy to hit the body of the monster.

Using the Mounted Punisher on a monster is not as simple as you may think. You can’t mount a monster forever, as the mount timer is limited. Moreover, the monsters can’t be controlled permanently. If you don’t want to be stuck in a certain place, you can use the Wyvern Riding skill. It will let you control your monster and get its resources.

Using the Mounted Punisher to mount a monster is not the easiest move to execute, but if you know how, it can make a lot of difference in combat. When you’re riding on a monster, you’ll have the upper hand over the opponent. However, you’ll still need to be careful to make sure that the monster isn’t attacked by your teammates.


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