How to Join a New Monarchy


If you’re wondering how to join a new monarchy, you’ve come to the right place. This article outlines the Articles and Rules that you must follow and the coronation process. These are essential for anyone who wishes to be a part of a new monarchy.

Articles to be followed by members of a new monarchy

A new monarch has a tough act to follow. The Constitution of the United Kingdom contains Articles to be followed by members of a new monarchy. These articles have been in place since 1689. The first monarch, Elizabeth II, was not the first to follow these Articles.

Process of coronation for members of a new monarchy

After the death of a monarch, the Crown is transferred to the new monarch through an official process called “On Demise.” This ceremonial act is often accompanied by a coronation ceremony. This ceremony commemorates the transfer of executive power from the deceased monarch to the new monarch.

The coronation ceremony is a traditional ritual that dates back more than 1,000 years. In earlier times, it was often an essential step towards becoming king or queen. It is still an important event, especially early in the new monarchy. Traditionally, the king or queen is crowned at Westminster Abbey and presented with the regal regalia.

There are several stages in the coronation process. The first step is the regal name, which is followed by a formal proclamation of the sovereign. The second step is the coronation ceremony, which may take months. Once Charles reaches this stage, the Accession Council, a body of senior politicians in Britain, will formally proclaim him or her as king or queen.

A religious service is held prior to the coronation. The Archbishop of Canterbury conducts the ceremony and the crown is worn by the new monarch. The crown is made of solid gold and weighs two kilograms. The new monarch will be anointed with various oils, including cinnamon, musk, and orange.


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