How to Do Well in Battlefield 1


If you are wondering how to do well in Battlefield 1, then you are not alone. There are numerous tips and tricks to master in the game, which can help you improve your skills and be more successful in the game. The following are some of the most important tips: Play your part on the team! As a medic, support player, or assault player, don’t ignore the needs of your comrades. Make sure to take out vehicles when you can, and don’t forget to play your role within your squad. Learn what your class’s strengths and weaknesses are, and use them well.


One of the most basic tips for doing well in Battlefield 1 is to play your role in the squad. Support and Medics should not neglect their allies, and assault players should not miss targets when they can. If you are a squad leader, call out objectives to the rest of your squad so that everyone can support one another.

Another important tip is to practice patience. As with any shooter, it is essential to learn to be patient. While you may be tempted to rush into every fight, patience is a virtue that will be essential to your overall success in Battlefield 1. While you’re waiting for your turn, don’t give up – just keep playing.

Spotting enemies

During the game, you have to spot enemies to succeed in battle. You can do this by observing the behavior of your enemies. Look out for suspicious behavior and clothing patterns. You can also look out for words and phrases that can give away the position of enemies. You can also use the spotting button to alert your teammates of an enemy’s general direction.

Spotting is an important skill in Battlefield 1. This skill will help you to identify and mark enemy units that are near you. You will receive extra points for spotting high priority targets. Spotting will only help you if you work with your team members. Make sure you scout your opponents, and don’t forget to use cover to your advantage.

The spotting key is a context-sensitive quick command. If you are injured, “spot” a nearby allied medic with a medkit. This player can then provide healing to you. Spotting is also useful when you need to ask for ammo or a vehicle driver for help.

Medics will also help you spot enemies. Medics will also spot downed players and will alert you to their potential revive. When you spot a player, you’ll see a red mark on the HUD. A squad leader will also have a red star next to their marker, and they will earn bonus points for attacking targets.

Using vehicles

The key to doing well in Battlefield 1 is learning how to use your vehicles. It is very difficult to control these vehicles, but they can decimate an opposing team. Luckily, there are a few tips to help you get the most out of your vehicles. These tips will help you become more successful in this online multiplayer game.

Vehicles come in many different types and classes. Some are small and light, while others are bigger and more defensive. Use a small vehicle if you have few teammates and want to flank your opponents. Another type of vehicle is a cavalry, which is not as versatile as other vehicles, but can still get the job done.

Tanks are especially vulnerable to assault players, so try to avoid charging them. You should also avoid charging into enemy objectives. Instead, try to use cover as much as possible and use your vehicle to clear out enemy troops. Use debris and vehicles to your advantage to get rewards. Finally, make sure you have your teammates ready.

Scouts are the best long-range shooters in Battlefield 1. They are very effective at using sidearms and spot flares. They can also use traps to sabotage opponents. The Scout class takes a lot of practice to master. The Scout class also has a lot of gadgets that can support other players. Some of these gadgets include trench periscopes, K bullets, trip wires, and sniper shields.

Earning “multipliers”

The key to earning multipliers in Battlefield 1 is to stay in the game. This will allow you to earn more cash and rewards. It will also help you to increase your chances of winning. If you can stay in the game for long periods of time, you can even get a chance to earn resounding victories and earn multipliers.

There are several ways to earn multipliers in Battlefield 1. First, make sure you’re playing in a squad. This way, you’ll be able to spawn on your squad and will get bonus XP for completing objectives. Additionally, you’ll be able to build bonus XP multipliers that carry over from match to match. Second, completing missions and medal challenges will help you level up faster. Lastly, you can try to focus on your chosen class to level up quickly.

You can also try calculating the earnings multiplier of a certain stock. This will help you get a better idea of its future value. This is because the share price is based on the future value of the company issuing the shares. The higher the earnings multiplier, the higher the share price.

Another way to earn multipliers is by completing Medals in Battlefield 1. Each Medal has a weekly challenge that rewards you with bonus XP. This will help you level up quicker than if you ignored this feature.

Using scouts

While you are playing as a Scout, you will have to be smart about where you place them in the battlefield. This is not as simple as memorizing spots on a map; it will depend on a number of factors, including whether or not you’re on high ground or fighting uphill. It’s also important to know where to find a sniper nest.

The scout must be able to understand how much time it takes a bullet to travel. This is especially important when you’re far away from your target. The longer the bullet travels, the more time it will take to hit its target. This means that you need to aim accurately and time your shots accordingly. This means avoiding firing volleys of shots, which can reveal your position.

A scout’s main weapon is a sniper rifle, which is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Using the sniper rifle, the scout can engage an enemy at far longer range than any other class. At max range, this weapon is virtually unbeatable. The only downside is that it’s extremely slow to reload and requires a perfect shot.

If you’re wondering how to use scouts in Battlefield 1, you’ve come to the right place! The hub page of the official Battlefield 1 guide has everything you need to succeIf you are wondering how to do well in Battlefield 1, then you are not alone.ed in the game!

Scoring in single-player campaign

There are many ways to earn points in the single-player campaign of Battlefield 1. One of the most effective ways is to complete objectives. Generally, you can find objectives on the map using a large icon with a letter inside. If the icon is red, it indicates enemy territory and if it is blue, it is your territory. If the icon is blank, it means you haven’t captured it yet. In this case, you need to defeat an equal number of enemy players to complete the objective.

Another way to score in the single-player campaign is to take advantage of the game modes. There are three main game modes: Conquest, Assault, and Operations. In each mode, you will need to take over certain objectives to earn points. During each match, you will also have the opportunity to play as a behemoth, which is a vehicle that can make a huge difference in a game.


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