How to Block My Number From Showing Up on Caller ID


Luckily, there are ways to block a phone number from showing up on your phone’s caller ID. If you’re using an iPhone, you can do so by launching the Phone app. Open the Recent tab and find the number you’d like to block. Tap the i icon next to the number. Then, tap the Details tab, then tap “block this contact.” Depending on your carrier, blocking may even be supported on Android.

Dial code

There are several ways to prevent a dial code from appearing on your phone screen. In some cases, blocking this feature will prevent you from receiving calls from people you don’t recognize. One way is to enter a code that is specific to your carrier. This is called a caller ID blocking code and works with landlines and GSM phones. By entering the number “#31#” followed by ten digits, the call recipient will never see the caller’s name on their phone screen.

Disable caller ID

If you have a landline phone, you can disable caller ID by dialing a special code. There are different codes for different regions. In North America, the code is *67, and you enter it before the area code and phone number. You can find a list of codes for each region here.

To hide a particular number from caller ID, you need to use your dialpad and enter a code that is three or four characters long. Some examples are *67 or *31#. After you have entered this code, you should type the 10-digit number.

Another way to hide your number is by downloading a caller ID blocking app. Some of these applications are available for iPhones and Android phones. These applications use your data or carrier network to create another phone number. However, you should keep in mind that they may not be compatible with all carriers and countries, so you may need to test them first. Alternatively, you can use a pay phone or Google Voice to make anonymous calls. For more information about the laws concerning anonymous calls, check out the FCC website. It is important to keep in mind that these methods are not legal if you intend to harm or steal from others.

Some people use their personal phones for work and don’t want clients or customers to know their private numbers. Others deal with Craigslist, so they don’t want their personal number showing up on their Caller ID. To block a number permanently, contact your service provider or change your phone’s settings. Disabling Caller ID can help you avoid spam calls and keep your phone number private.

In some cases, you may find it convenient to block caller ID using software, but this option doesn’t work for all carriers. You should check with your mobile network to see if you can disable caller ID on your phone. Some of the carriers charge extra for this basic feature.

For Android users, you can turn off caller ID in your phone’s settings by dialing *82 before the number that you’re calling. This feature will temporarily hide your number when you answer a call. However, some cell carriers don’t allow this feature, so if your carrier doesn’t offer this feature, you’ll have to find a different carrier.

Using Google Voice

If you want to block your number from appearing in other people’s call logs, you should first set up Google Voice. While it will work in the background, you should not rely on it to function in the background all the time. If you’re constantly busy working, you’ll be more likely to forget to tap into Google Voice.

You can manually block a number, but you must be logged into your Google Voice account. This process will take a couple of minutes. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to send calls to voicemail and stop unwanted calls. Alternatively, you can change your number to “Block Caller.”

You can also hide your caller ID in individual calls. To do this, sign in with your Google account and go to the Calls section of your settings. Then, enter the prefix you want to hide. This prefix will depend on the country or region of your Google Voice number. For example, if you’re in the US, you’ll need to enter the prefix *67 to hide your caller ID.

Once you’ve set up Google Voice, you’ll need to create a password. This password should be at least eight characters long and contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Make sure your password is both unique and strong. Also, keep in mind that if you’re using the account for business purposes, you can’t use the same password for both accounts.

If you’re looking to block your number from showing up on other people’s call logs, Google Voice is an excellent way to achieve that. It allows you to forward calls to your preferred phone number and allows you to block spam calls from appearing on other people’s call logs. And you can also choose a different phone number, which will allow you to use it for professional purposes.

Another way to block your number from showing up is to add a code to it. This can be done on most phones by following the instructions. For Android devices, you can add the code ’67’ to the number you want to block. This code works on landlines as well as smartphones. The code “67” will hide your number as either “private” or “blocked” on the caller ID.


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