Destiny 2 Faction Guide – How to Pick a Faction in Halo 2


There are a few simple steps you should take to join a faction in Destiny 2. First, you must go to the tower to talk to the faction’s leader. Then, you will receive an invitation to join that faction’s organization. Make sure to choose a faction that suits your character’s personality and the overall game world.


The Covenant are a faction that first appeared in Halo. Since then, the group has been a recurring presence in the series. They fit the evil alien stereotype, but were fun to fight in Halo 1. As the series progressed, the Covenant gained some sympathy and gained a larger role in the background lore.

The Covenant were a group of ancient aliens who were led by the Prophets. All of the Covenant species turn to them for guidance and general orders. They are held together by a dogmatic religion that is very similar to a cult. This belief system is based on a massive misinterpretation of ancient events.

The Covenant have advanced technology and energy weapons, which are capable of melting armor and starship hulls. They also have advanced vehicles and starships. Their weaponry renders Human armor useless, and their training is unparalleled. They also have powerful energy shields to protect their elite shock troops. The Covenant have a large number of members, and they are a major threat to the human race.

The Covenant have a number of weapons, which vary in their design. The weapons of the Covenant vary from weapon to weapon, but there are several weapons that are familiar to the player. In the video game Halo, the Covenant are armed with weapons similar to those from Halo. One of the weapons used by the Covenant is the Halo energy sword. Another weapon that looks like a Halo pistol is the Hunter. There are also two new weapons for the Hunter, a hand cannon and a pulse rifle.

In addition to weapons, Destiny 2 has a variety of cosmetics inspired by Halo. The new Halo 30th Anniversary event is also a good time to get Halo-themed cosmetics. During this anniversary celebration, Bungie will add a new dungeon, a new activity, and a chance to unlock the famed Gjallarhorn rocket launcher.

Future War Cult

In the past, the Future War Cult has been a powerful faction in the Last City. As different factions battled for the hearts and minds of the populace, war began to escalate. The Faction Wars eventually brought the Last City to its knees. Fortunately, a gathering of Guardians brought an end to this chaos. Now, a new order has come, and a Speaker rules the city. With a new faction leader in power, the great factions have begun to work through civil channels to achieve their goals.

One of the biggest changes in Destiny 2 is the addition of Faction Rally events. The first Faction Rally was launched shortly after the game’s release, and since then, players have been pledging loyalty to one of three factions. During this event, players earn reputation and exclusive loot based on their reputation. The new system will give players the chance to fight for their favorite faction and earn exclusive gear.


Once you’ve completed the game’s main quest, Looking To The Future, you’ll be asked to pick a faction. You’ll have three options: Enmerkar Forest, Hallowed Marsh, or Abrassar. Each faction has its own weapons and armor. By selecting one, you’ll be able to gain access to powerful weapons and armor.

Choosing the wrong faction can cost you precious gear and experience, so choosing wisely is vital. Factions in Destiny 2 vary in their ideals and the benefits they offer. Players must choose the faction that best fits their play style and preferences, as each one specializes in different aspects of Guardian attributes. If you’re playing with more than one Guardian, it’s also a good idea to choose a different faction for each.

Once you’ve chosen your faction, you’ll need to level it up. Increasing your Faction’s level and Renown isn’t easy solo, so it’s best to team up with a friend. You can also level up your Faction by holding Guardians of rival factions in battles.

Once you’ve leveled up, you’ll have access to faction-specific weapons. You can also find weapon and armor vendor items that match your faction. For example, if you like the aesthetics of a certain faction, choose their armor. It’s worth remembering that the shaders will match your faction’s armor color.

The factions in Destiny 2 are live and playable, so you can choose one that fits your playstyle. Faction support will reward you with special discounts on special items. You can even earn faction tokens by participating in events. You’ll also receive a new ornament for your armor.

There are also rewards for helping your factions destroy enemy supply drops. Some of these include rare weapons, armor, and loot. You can get these rewards by participating in Public Events, Strikes, and Lost Sectors, and by completing the Leviathan Raid. However, to access the rewards, you must earn enough Faction Tokens to gain reputation with your chosen faction’s vendor.

Once you have reached level 20 in the game, you’ll be able to choose between the three factions. Each faction has different ideals, perks, and weapons. Each faction specialises in two of the three main attributes, and you’ll need to choose one that compliments your play style. If you change your mind about your Faction, you can always switch sides during the game.

New Monarchy

There are many advantages to choosing the New Monarchy as your faction in Destiny 2. First, you will have more access to the New Monarchy’s arsenal of weapons. It has a wide range of weapons, including sniper rifles, sidearms, hand cannons, and more. The New Monarchy is also a good choice for players who are looking to improve their abilities. They can take advantage of the New Monarchy’s weapons and equips to enhance their Super Ability.

The other advantage of choosing a New Monarchy is that you can get different armor and weapons for your character. The colors of the armor and weapons will match your chosen faction. For example, if you want red and blue armor, you should choose the New Monarchy. Similarly, if you want to equip armor with blue and yellow shades, you should choose the Future War Cult.

After selecting a faction, you can begin earning Faction Tokens. These are earned through completing different activities in Destiny 2. Specifically, you can earn Faction Tokens by completing Public Events, Lost Sectors, Strikes, and the Leviathan Raid. Once you’ve collected 20 Faction Tokens, you can turn them in to the representative of the chosen faction for rewards. Once you’ve collected enough Faction Tokens, you’ll be able to use them to unlock items for your character.

If you’re not sure what faction to join, start by talking to Arach Jalaal. He’ll start the quest in the Hangar in the Tower. You can choose to accept or decline, but remember that accepting the quest will not lock you into the Dead Orbit. In addition to Arach, you can talk to Lakshmi-2 of the Future War Cult, who is located in the sleek office above Arach. Finally, talk to Executor Hideo of the New Monarchy, who will grant you permission to return to the faction leader.

If you want to play the game’s full content, you should join a faction as early as possible. The game’s storyline will take you through the shipwreck on the beach, as well as the hamlets from levels one to 25. As a result, choosing a faction is essential for the survival of your character.


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