Dark Souls III Guide – How to Get to Nito


If you have been wondering how to beat the boss Gravelord Nito, you have come to the right place. The skeleton with a sword will challenge you with his ranged attacks. The trick is to stay away from the grabbing attacks while attacking him. The following tips will help you kill Nito with ease.

Gravelord Nito is a boss in Dark Souls

Gravelord Nito is a boss that you must defeat in Dark Souls. As the Lord of Death, Gravelord Nito rules over the catacombs, the realm of the dead. Before you fight him, you must first earn the Lord Soul by helping Gwyn destroy the everlasting dragons. When the time comes, you must defeat Nito to complete the game and unlock the Gravelord Servant covenant.

The best way to kill Gravelord Nito is by using a divine weapon. Most weapons that have a faith modifier are considered divine weapons. If you do not have a divine weapon, you can build one at Andrei, which is located beneath the undead parish bonfire. The Divine Weapon is particularly useful because it permanently kills skeletons. Nito will be unable to revive them.

Gravelord Nito has three melee attacks that deal high damage, a ranged attack, and an area-of-effect move. His right arm has a triple bone forearm and ends with a sharp bone blade. While this may seem intimidating, it is a relatively easy fight.

If you’re level 100 or higher, you can block most of his attacks by using high poise. However, you should use a shield with high magic resist to avoid his Gravelord Sword attack. During the attack, you should stay up to avoid being knocked down. If you’re on a light build, sidestepping the lava island enemies should pose little trouble, and you can also use a high poise to avoid being knocked down.

He’s a skeleton with a sword

The fight with Nito is a quick one, but it’s important to prepare properly for the long battle. First of all, remember to make plenty of healing potions. Then, wait for Nito to come into range. You can repeat this process several times to defeat Nito and make sure you have enough health and armor.

Nito’s attack is a powerful one, but it’s not too hard to defeat. His attack has several types, including a powerful grab. It’s possible to block his grab, but you’ll have to be extremely fast and cautious.

You can attack Nito in different ways, but you should try to hit him on his bones. The cloak on his back makes rear attacks difficult, and short weapons will struggle to connect with him. Once you defeat Nito, you’ll earn 60,000 souls and one human life, and a rare, powerful mystical soul called the Lord Soul. The Lord Soul is one of the great souls needed to fill the Lordvessel, which is the goal of the game.

The game’s mechanics make it difficult to kill Nito, but the combat is fun! You’ll have a few different ways to deal with him, but the most common method is to attack him while he’s crouching. This attack is an extremely effective way to kill Nito, but it also requires some patience. You can hit him a few times before the spell can take effect, but you have to be quick with it.

He has a ranged attack

Nito is a boss in Dark Souls III. Before tackling him, make sure you have Blossoming Purple Moss Clumps and Estus Flask in your inventory. These will help you boost your toxic resistance. After that, you will enter the room where Nito is located and begin the fight. You can choose whether to use Fall Control sorcery to prevent falling or use ranged attacks. If you do not have Fall Control sorcery, you will take damage from the ranged attack. In addition, you must drink the Estus flask to avoid losing health to poison. Nito usually begins the fight with a ranged attack. It is important to avoid running towards him if you don’t want to wake the skeletons in the room.

The lava island is located on the right side of the room. This gives you more space to move and fight. It also weakens the lava monster. The lava monster has an AOE, so you must be careful not to get hit by it. Otherwise, you’ll run into walls. Luckily, you can also avoid the lava island enemies. However, these enemies are optional and often block items.

As you progress through the game, you’ll have the chance to learn and use different attacks. In addition to using ranged attacks, you can also use magic attacks to deal with the monster. This is especially useful if you’re trying to kill the game’s biggest boss.

You have to avoid grabbing attacks

When getting to Nito, you have to avoid his grabbing attacks. This is important because his grab attacks deal huge amounts of damage. To avoid these attacks, you have to stay behind Nito, preferably close to his sides. You should also use a wail attack on his ribcage. It will likely knock down the nearby skeletons, but you’ll still want to avoid grabbing attacks.

Most grab attacks are unblockable, but some can be avoided. These attacks can be performed by specific enemies and bosses. They are well-telegraphed and can be dodged if you know when they’re coming. You can think of them as a cross between Backstabbing and Riposting, and you’ll be able to avoid them by reacting fast. You can even avoid them from slimes by rapidly tapping block or light attack.

Getting to Nito is one of the most challenging challenges in Dark Souls, so you’ll have to be careful not to get too carried away. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to get there. The first of these is to get to a secret bonfire closer to the boss.

You’ll find a lot of enemies around you when you get to Nito. One of them is the Centipede Demon. This boss is weak to melee attacks, but it has clones that attack your character. Killing these clones will give you a chance to get to the real Pinwheel. This boss is easy to kill, but it’s also tricky, as there’s a bunch of skeletons around him. You can use a divine weapon to kill these skeletons permanently.

You have to stay near a bonfire

One of the first things you will need to do when you begin Nito is to stay near a bonfire. The bonfire is located in the Tomb of the Giants. You can get there by using a Skull Lantern and a Sunlight Maggot. You can also use a Skull Lantern to help you navigate the dark.

If you have the right gear, you can easily defeat Nito. To do this, you should keep your eyes on the bonfire and turn to the left to look for a ladder. Then, you need to climb the ladder and proceed to the bonfire.

A bonfire is an important location to stay near while playing Dark Souls. This is because it serves as a checkpoint, and you will be returned to it if you die. You can find several bonfires in each area. Some of these are close to the beginning of the area, while others are hidden behind illusionary walls. A bonfire can provide you with many benefits, and you will want to make sure that you stay near one to get all the rewards it can provide.

When you kill Nito, he will use an AoE attack. The next time you meet him, he will go after some small skeletons. They will revive if you use a holy weapon, and you’ll have the opportunity to fight him. This will open up a path to Firelink Shrine.

You can deal damage to him with your sword

Your sword is an excellent melee weapon to use against Nito in Dark Souls. However, if you want to use it in a ranged attack, Pyromancy is a good option. It deals good fire damage and has fast attacks. Nito can also be hit with arrows.

Taking down Nito requires a lot of skill and practice. It can be difficult to take him down alone, so you may want to have your companion help you. Alternatively, you can take him down alone, but be aware that his affliction is bleed damage, so make sure you focus your attacks.

Gravelord Nito is a powerful enemy in the game. He is one of the four Souls of Lords within the flame. His job is to oversee the death of all life. He has been known to wage war against Dragons and unleash a miasma of death and disease. During the Age of Fire, Nito delved deep underground. The goal is to kill him so that you can complete the game. However, be aware that killing him will not break your covenant with Nito.

Your weapon is an essential part of your gameplay in Dark Souls. In addition to dealing damage to enemies, you can also use your sword to deal damage to Nito. It has several special attacks that can deal extra damage to Nito. Moreover, your weapon will have a large range. If you’re looking for a weapon with an even more powerful range, consider upgrading your weapon in Dark Souls.


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