15 Things to Ask Siri Funny

15 Things to Ask Siri Funny
15 Things to Ask Siri Funny


Siri is a virtual assistant that can answer a variety of questions. You can ask it questions related to robots, the numbers zero and one, Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” Vogon poetry, and more. Here are 15 things to ask Siri funny: These questions are a great way to make your virtual assistant crack a smile.

Tell you a joke

The first time you ask Siri a question, she may not be able to answer it right away. Fortunately, you can get her to answer with a joke. The responses she gives are usually based on popular culture. For example, you can ask her for a joke about Monty Python or the Jolly Saint Nick. Siri will then search its calendar to find a date and time, or bring up the phone numbers of local Santas.

The funny features of Siri have made it a popular option for iPhone users. The assistant has over one hundred commands and statements that are meant to be amusing. When you ask Siri the same question several times, it will respond with progressively funnier responses. You can try several different responses to see which one you like best!

You can even ask Siri a question about itself. The virtual assistant can answer questions about yourself, including your gender, favorite food, drink, and phone. You can even ask Siri questions about the meaning of life. And, while you’re at it, ask it about Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

Tell you a tongue twister

Siri is a virtual assistant and is programmed to keep up with human banter. You can ask her questions about robots, the number zero, and Vogon poetry. Here are 15 funny questions Siri can answer. Besides these, you can also ask Siri about the famous book, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”


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